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The FAQ sections are very useful though generally do not

contain loads of posts.  I tend to find

the main page quite long (always having to scroll down to the forum areas I’m

interested in).  One suggestion as it

seems you can put links in to the descriptions under each of the forums is that

the FAQ forum areas be put as additional links under the appropriate forum area

(e.g. “Computer, Internet, TV & Telephone FAQs” be put as a link under (in

the description bit) of “atellite TV, Internet, Telephone, etc.”.  Whilst there might not always be a

“one-to-one” match and some main forum areas might need to FAQ links (e.g.

maybe “Inheritance FAQs” and “Legal FAQs” both under the “Legal” forum area).

A slight negative for this is that people would not be able

to immediately see when there were new posts to the FAQ forum areas.  However, there are not many posts there (as

the forums are “locked” and only Moderators can post there)

Whilst I appreciate it is more work for people, my own

opinion is that this would make the main page a lot neater and more usable.

Just a thought.


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Hi Ian,

I've been meaning to clean up the main conference page and I think your idea is a good one. I have therefore made a change to the FAQ sections to make them sub-forums of a new category called 'About This Forum (read only)'. This should make the page look better and also importantly - load quicker.


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