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Where there's a Will...

Dick Smith

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Yesterday a new poster called Will appeared. This caused some confusion because we already have a Will. I would have thought that having multiple users with the same name is not a good idea. Just as an experiment I tried altering my user name to Will and the software allowed it!

The implications of this are a bit worrying for general forum use and tranquility! Can someone alert admin and get the thing changed, please?

(This is Dick Smith pretending to be Will temporarily, btw)

For it is written "If you don't eat it now you'll get it again for breakfast"

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I quite agree Will.

In fact the real Will tried doing what he is told is the right thing, and used the 'report' button to inform the mods, but that feature seems to be non-functional as well.

I await my wholly-expected ban for misbehaving on this forum following all the other Wills' fun and games [:@] 

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