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What on EARTH was wrong yesterday?

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 Same here. Must have been a server down somewhere I suppose.

The same goes for the weather forecast page. That is still down. Have'nt had access for days.

Only want to know how the weather is near Carcassonne as we are coming down 2nd June.


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[quote user="Ford Anglia"]

And is it fixed? I kept getting an ERROR message with loads of computer gobbledygook every time I tried to post.

Several times my message was lost.

Given that I'm a two fingers at best typist, it was a bit annoying to say the least.


When I am posting I tend to Hit control +C which will save the text and the format. You can always also (with a long post) save it to Wordpad (e.g.) and copy and paste it back afterwards - control +V.

There is nothing more infuriating than having compiled a long post perhaps with URLs to then try and upload and it vanishes! [:@]

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