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Recent slow performance

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As you've hopefully already been able to see, the site's performance is now back to normal speeds.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused by the slowness over the last few days.

For the more technically minded, we've been migrating our websites from running under .NET 1.1 across to .NET 2.0 to pave the way for some major server farm upgrades planned over the next few weeks / months. This redistributed the load across our server farm and unfortunately it's just become apparent that we had not reallocated server resources for our application pools to match the new expected load. As a result the webserver machines were trying to run with more concurrent web server processes than was really practical on quad-processor servers, and they were spending around 80% of available processing time switching between processes rather than actually serving web pages.

This issue has now been corrected and the updated configuration rolled out across the server farm.


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