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Tango Syndrome

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Whichever ****** dance it is, it certainly isn't quick.

I've nodded off twice tonight waiting for the screen to refresh.  I'd have gone to bed, but have to stay up to record the Tour (early broadcast 'stuffed' by an early evening storm) and VHS is unreliable for a preset.

So, all in all, grumpy, and spoiling for a fight ................. if I don't fall asleep first. 

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If you have a fight tonight, Gardian, it's going to be in slow motion.

I'm off to bed before I smash the computer in frustration.  Off to Belgium in the morning.. the Ardennes can't be any wetter than this....

5th attempt to post - probably means it's already posted at least twice...

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Apologies for this - our web servers were set to be too agressive in "recycling" the forum website application, causing periodic freezes while they clear out all used memory before continuing to handle traffic.

In theory these "recycles" should not impact site performance but when they're happening every 5 minutes something's not quite right.... (you'd normally expect a handful of recycles a day, not 2 every 10 minutes !).

The settings concerned have now been relaxed, and we're keeping an eye on things to further  tune performance through the day.


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[quote user="Hoddy"]That's not a tango - that's a quickstep.

You're right about the forum speed though.



It's also the timing of a slow foxtrot - possibly more applicable to describe the speed of the forum which this morning doesn't seem entirely to have quickened its step yet!

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