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I don not wish to recieve replies to any posts through email, and have changed my settings accordingly. BUT, I keep getting replies!

I check my settings again, and they have reverted back to recieve email replies.

Why does this keep happening?

I am more than happy to just log into the forum and read the posted replies, I do not wish my email inbox to be flooded! 

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Where are you changing your settings Emma, on your profile or using the "Notify" button at the head of each thread?  If you haven't changed the settings in your profile, you will get a notification of every reply in every thread that you have posted on.  When you post in a thread the Notify button will set to send emails automatically.

You need to change your settings in you profile, via the "Edit your details" link at the top of the page.  Make sure that the button is set to No at ...

Enable Email Notifications of replies to your posts.

Remember to hit the "save changes" button after you have done this.

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I have hit the notify button, and changed settings in my profile, but then when I come back into the forum, the settings have changed themselves back to recieve emails.

I have changed them numerous times but still end up with a full inbox.

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When you write a reply, Emma, always go down to the bottom of the box you write the reply in, and you will see that there is a check box "Email me replies to this post".

Rather annoyingly, this box is checked by default.   You need to remember to UNcheck it before you press the "post button" a bit lower down the page.

Hope this cures the problem.  Those overflowing inboxes can be scary...


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