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Notification of replies and multiple accounts


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1/ We never get notification of replies to our posts sent to our hotmail email box. We went to hotmail because the same thing happened with our AOL email address. Is there any reason for this and what can we do to get notification of replies?....................................J

2/ Is it possible to have more than one account from the same computer as my husband and I would like to post separately under our own names?..................J


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1/   You need to go to the edit your details section at the top of this page, and make sure that the first field shows the email address that you would like to receive your notification.  This does not need to be the email address that you used when you registered, although your old email address will still be used as your log in. 

2/   You can have multiple accounts on one computer, but each account must have its own email address.

Any problems let me, or one of the other moderators know, and we can ask admin to take a look.

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Thanks for the info and have made modifications to satisfy point one. On point two have tried a couple of times to create a new account with a different email address but both times have received this message:

At May 29, 7:52 AM [GMT 0] you created a new user account at France Forum. 

Request status: Your account request has not been approved.

France Forum team

The email address was with live.co.uk, is there some problem with this. I also tried a different aol address but in that case as before got no response at all......................help............................J

PS Have provided further info by pm. 
I take it that the lack of a visible pm symbol on my posts, when I look at them, is because your system knows that I would not want to pm myself? 

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