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Cannot reply to a post or reply by pm.


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I am rather baffled.  Today I tried to reply to a post by PM, and also tried to make a post.  I have done this many times in the past, but today I get the message below which is total gobble de gook to me.  However, when I opened this post there were no problems.  Is this a problem with the site, or is it a problem with my computer?

If it is my computer can you advise in laymans language what to do.  I run windows XP service pack 3, and use windows explorer and outlook express.  This is the first problem that I have had.

Thanks in advance.



FreeTextBox has not been correctly installed. To install FreeTextBox either:
(1) add a reference to FtbWebResource.axd in web.config:
<add verb="GET"
type="FreeTextBoxControls.AssemblyResourceHandler, FreeTextBox" />

(2) Save the FreeTextBox image and javascript files to a location on your website and set up FreeTextBox as follows
<FTB:FreeTextBox id="FreeTextBox1" SupportFolder="ftbfileslocation" JavaScriptLocation="ExternalFile" ButtonImagesLocation="ExternalFile" ToolbarImagesLocation="ExternalFile" ButtonImagesLocation="ExternalFile" runat="server" />


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The free text box mentioned in the error message is the text input box that you type into when composing a message, email or PM from the forum.  It must have been a temporary fault, as you were subsequently able to post a message on the forum without problem, and that uses the same free text box (as far as I know).

Does everything work as expected now, or are you still having problems?

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Sorry about the delay in replying, but we had visitors.

I seem to have no problems now, and I was able to send my pm.

It seems that it may have been gremlins on the site which have now cleared.

Thanks indeed for your very prompt replies.


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