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[quote user="J.R. gone native"]How does that compare to say last year , or even 2 months ago befor all the frustrating log in problems started Clair?[/quote]

For an equivalent week (2nd week of the month):

Tue 11 March: 91 posts

Wed 12 March: 103 posts

Thu 13 March: 79 posts

Fri 14 March: 72 posts

Sat 15 March: 57 posts

Sun 16 March: 65 posts

Tues 8 April: 74 posts

Wed 9 April: 79 posts

Thu 10 April: 94 post

Fri 11 April: 113 posts

Sat 12 April: 67 posts

Sun 13 April: 72 posts

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I'm not too bothered as long as it lets me back in once I have signed in again.  Actually, this post's purpose is just for me to test whether I can post.  So apologies for having nothing constructive to add!
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Logically I would tend to agree however, returning to this same PC after lunch, I suddenly find myself logged out despite the fact that I successfully posted a reply shortly before leaving at 11:55 and the machine has been sat idle since [:-))]


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Clair - your figures look healthier. As I said I got mine from the Active Topics section, not knowing how to access the actual number of postings made.

Perhaps it's always quieter at this time of the year, but personally if I find that I'm logged off I usually don't bother to post; 

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Just tried to post to a thread and was required to log on again, then "you're not authorised to carry out this function".

So, I gave up, but in a fit of pique thought that I'd try to post a whinge on this old thread.  Of course, it has worked.

The point is:  How many people like me are giving up.  When is someone going to fix it?   Does anybody care?   Bye all.

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