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Changing Logon Email Address


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I have just discovered the same problem as John. If the logon screen says "Enter e-mail", then it should recognise your new e-mail address. I have spent most of today updating my e-mail address on the many websites & forums where it is registered. For many of these, e-mail address is the accepted log on and updating your e-mail address is sufficient to change your log on/user name. This is only the 3rd website I have come across where this is not the case.

As a work around, is it possible to delete my existing profile and set up a new one with the same user name (crépuscule) and my new e-mail address? I suspect the answer is "No" but I assume I could re-register using my new e-mail address and a different name. 

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When the log-on screen says "Enter e-mail", it refers to the email address you first registered with the forum, not your new email address.

Changing your email address has no bearing on login.

All forum mail and notifications will be sent to your new address.

The old email address has no mail/notification generating facility. It is simply a log-on facility when coupled with your password.

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