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How many more correspondents for UK newspapers do we need?

Ron Avery

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[quote user="Ron Avery"]

Sweet 71[:P]  said "Do you think you really get to read the "interesting" happenings in the world just by reading the papers you choose to read?  Ever heard of editors?  Do you think all the "interesting" things get written about and the "boring" ones don't?"

Well Sweets, if as you say the really interesting stories are not published in any of the on line papers and 99% of the links given on here are to an article in a UK on-line newspaper, how can anyone publish a link to the interesting stories if they aren't published?. 

The original point which seems to be getting lost, is if people want to read the UK papers like The  Mail/Times/Telegraph/Mirror/Sun/Sport etc etc they are quite capable of doing so without being pointed only to bits that may or may not interest them.


Now I know you're just a big bully, Ron.  You should pick on someone your own age and size to fight with!

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Maybe lots of people are interested in reading these links, but in that case a section for them seems even more sensible. That way folks that want to look know where to go and the rest of us can ignore them.

I think Ron has made an excellent case for a new classification.

While we're at it, if/when the forum moves to another software base would it be possible to look for one that allows you to specify which sections you are interested in rather than having the catch-all of 'Active Threads'?

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Albert, if you only want to see threads that you have already posted into, or that you have clicked the "notify" button on, you can use the "my forums" view http://www.completefrance.com/cs/user/MyForums.aspx

This can also be accessed on the front page of the forum, next to the personal messages link http://www.completefrance.com/cs/forums/

If you want to be informed when a new topic is started in a particular section, there is an options button at the foot of each section, and with this you can ask for a notification for each new topic or post.

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The RA to The Sun expat forum was a revelation, I would never have found it otherwise, you dont get comments like this elsewhere -


"used to come to the Czech Republic for 7 years on holiday. Lovely place. Then I moved to the Czech Republic. Its different if you live here. Miserable bunch of ******** and nothing really works. Great beer and tits though so can't complain."


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