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Free text box?


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Often when I want to post a reply, I get the message below in the reply box. (Note this is just a reply I am talking about, where you should get an empty text box, not a quote, where I can sort of understand why you may get a message like that.)

Any idea what it's all about? I am using Internet Explorer 7 with Windows Vista.

FreeTextBox has not been correctly installed. To install FreeTextBox either:
(1) add a reference to FtbWebResource.axd in web.config:
<add verb="GET"
type="FreeTextBoxControls.AssemblyResourceHandler, FreeTextBox" />

(2) Save the FreeTextBox image and javascript files to a location on your website and set up FreeTextBox as follows
<FTB:FreeTextBox id="FreeTextBox1" SupportFolder="ftbfileslocation" JavaScriptLocation="ExternalFile" ButtonImagesLocation="ExternalFile" ToolbarImagesLocation="ExternalFile" ButtonImagesLocation="ExternalFile" runat="server" />

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