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Email Notifications of replies

Phil & Pat

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Several times over the last few days I have changed from Yes to No at the prompt "Enable Email Notifications of replies to your posts" but still they keep coming.

Also I have changed Receive emails from Yes to No but it keeps reverting.

How do I stop reply notifications please?

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By default, the forum system will keep sending notifications of posts in threads where you have posted in the past.

To cancel these, to to "My forums", which lists wll the forums where you have posted.

At the top of the page of each thread, click on the yellow bell (notify) to make it white. This will stop the notifications.

If or when you post in a thread, remember to un-click the "email me replies to this post" button at the bottom of the page.

As far as email are concerned, did you click on "save changes" (bottom right of the page)?

I will try to send you an email and let you know what happens.

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Email notification has gone a bit potty over the last week, and the webservers don't seem to be able to make up their mind about how many and how often to send them.

Until it stabilises, the best thing to do (as you have already changed your personal settings) is to click on the button at the top LHS of the page of threads that you have posted to, to ensure that it is greyed out  and not ticked.


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