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Is it technically possible??


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In the thread " the songs we are singing" , Judith, who is a friend of mine ( friend in " real" life, not only online ), asked how  it is possible to know who is online.

That is something I d like to know too, if possible, because the way we have on the forum does not work..

( I appear to be offline right now, and I ve checked with people I know  for sure are on line and it says they re not. )


Would it be possible to have a list of users online at the bottom of the forum , as it is the case on TF for instance?

Maybe this is impossible, I don't know .


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I can see Clair's list, for what it's worth, but I seem to remember from the past that it is not exactly a reliable feature - there are many more people browsing the site than actually show up. I remember being told that it was not possible to get an accurate indication because the same servers and databases were shared by many Archant sites.
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