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How to turn off email notifications once and for all


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Thanks to advice from Clair, I have been able to turn off the notifcation thing at the top left-hand corner of each thread.

But, guess what, whenever my back's turned, the damned notification button keeps turning itself back on!

I haven't had email notifications for ages now, possibly for a couple of years, but now the emails are back and I am having to look at "My Forums" and turn them off individually.  That would be acceptable except that, as stated, they seem to have the ability to turn themselves back on, possibly whenever a new page starts.

It's driving me mad so can someone please tell me how to kill the emails dead forever and ever?

No, please don't tell me to use Domestos because that only kills all known germs dead but not all email notifications, see?

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[quote user="AnOther"]If you're not bothered about not receiving PM's you could change the email address you have registered with the site to a non existent one, email notifications should then just get bounced.[/quote]

If you do that, you will not receive notifications of PMs either.

[quote user="AnOther"]Odd that you can't turn it off though ?[/quote]

I have already reminded Sweet that she can change the Email Options setting on her user profile page.

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