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missing icons and link


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I assume you mean Internet Explorer 8, rather than Windows 8?

Try this... (courtesy of Clair)

How do I view the forum when using IE8?

  • Go to tools (outils in French)

  • Scroll down to Compatibility Parameters (paramètres d'affichage de compatibilité)

  • Add completefrance.com to the list

  • Alternatively, click on the compatibility icon on the right-hand side of the address bar:

  • The reply box will be full size and you will be able to post smilies
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Is that it!!!!!!!!! I would choose a funny face but I cant do that either with Chrome !!!.... shucks.. I thought u were the one with geek brains!!

For that ... I will make you wake up at precisely 3.30 in the early hrs, it would be funny if you did !!!!!!! do let us know on the insomniacs if its worked the auto suggestion .... 3.30..dont forget!!! oh, happy Christmas and a prosperous new year... am I the first?
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