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Compatibilty (IE 8) Issue

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I was just in the process of posting a comment about a very small "message" box when posting new messages, when I hit the "compatability" button and the problem was fixed!

I also had problems with quotes appearing as raw HTML and not displaying correctly - I'd bet this is fixed, too.

So, the forum has a problem with IE8. I'd guess.

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An old post of yours, which I have just found.

I have IE8 and I have to ensure that I'm in "compatibility view" if I wish to post replies with "smileys". [;-)]

No-one replied to your post, but it's obviously still the same over 4 months later.

I get similar problems with one of my webmail services too (1&1 Webmail) where I can't add attachements unless I'm in compatibility view. Running CCleaner, which I do regularly, unsets these settings.


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