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Ghost in the machine


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As you know Will, the Mods here are volunteers - all I can say is if you think that the Mods here have either the time or the inclination to wipe a whole days posts - in the nicest way - dream on ! [:'(]

PS There is nothing from yesterday in our deleted section so I guess its a system thing.....

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[quote user="Weedon"]

Thank god for these postings, I thought it was me. 


In line with current trends to whom can we attach blame and who to claim compo from for a couple of written masterpieces I posted yesterday


Having read (in today's Times) that the Greeks, Irish, Spanish and Portuguese are responsible for the current large falls in the price of shares any of them seem to be readily available to be blamed for just about anything. [;-)]

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[quote user="Wilko"]Whoever is concerned with the loss of Feb 4ths emails...............what's happening. Information would be good or have you taken a leaf out of M'O Leary's book



Are you referring to a specific thread ?

If so, I can try and retrieve some posts from that day... (no promises though...[:)])

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I'm not being awkward, but why could the topics not have been restored from the backup which Archant's IT people would have taken before doing anything with the database? Even the small low-budget publisher for which I work would make a backup as a matter of course.

It's purely academic, because by now it is probably far too late, but it could surely have been done when the problem was first notified.

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