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Spam from France Forum?

Bob T

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Got this today:

This email was sent from a user at France Forum.  Reply to this email using the 

email address below.

Sent From: deleted@xxx.xx / Felicite

Subject: http://www.deleted.com


dear friend,

We are a leading company that wholesales and export of world brand shoes, mainly

Nike shoes. Our products line included many shoes items, such as Jordan1-23, Air

Max series, Shox series, Air Force 1, Nike Dunk ,Timberland, Bape, Ice

cream,Puma, Jeans/T-shirts/Bags/MP3/MP4/Hats/Clothes,and so on.Our products are

popular all over the world with High Quality, Competitive Price, Best Service

and Safe Delivery. We hope to build mutual benefits and long term business

relationships with all customers.

We offer safe delivery and best service,low price and good quality. Communicate

with us.You will be very satisfied! Hope we can do long-term business in near


Welcome to our web site for more details.

How did this person get my email address from the forum?

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Maybe signed up up as a member and sent to your email that way; I used to get such lovely messages from Miss Lash in Charente Maritime offering the strangest services. I assumed it was Quillan or Clair trying to earn a bit on the side  but it seems to have gone a bit quiet recently.
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Happily they don't have sight of your actual e-mail address until or unless you reply to them.  There used to be a glitch whereby if the mail was undelivered they could see your address but happily this was recently fixed (Quillan posted about this a couple of weeks ago.)  I got one this morning also.
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I have received the same message via the forum too.

It seems that someone registered as a forum user and sent a batch load of spam via the forum email.

If you receive i, just ignore it, mark it as spam or delete it.

I have removed the links from the post above, as there's no point in giving these people more exposure...

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