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not really technical support but...


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I know this question could be considered a little bit fluffy and whilst not strickly technical support I was just wondering... do we no longer get extra lights anymore.  I've stuck on just one and was wondering if I've done something wrong...[blink] [:$] [Www]
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I think that the lights are misnamed.  When you wave the cursor over them it comes up as "Top 500 posts" (1 light) top 75 posts (5 lights), top 10 posts (all the lights).  What I think it should say is Top 500 posters, because surely that's what they mean - that you are among the top 500/75/10 or whatever, posters on the forum?  I'm sure a mod' will correct me if I'm wrong.


Saddo who should get a life.....

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It is based on the number of posts a poster has made, and so what "rank" they fall into.

Those of you that have been with the forum since the early days will remember that it used to be

Forum Newbie,

Junior Member,

Forum Member,

Senior Member,

Advanced Member,

Forum Guru.

Now we just have balls, so to speak [:$]

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