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Scanned docs- Help please?


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I need some really really basic help if possible:  I need to email  copies of  6 documents.  I have scanned these to my Documents but they seem enormous, ranging from 26MB to 132MB and I just don't know how to reduce them...

I've been trying to go straight to 'email this file' in my Docs, as I do when I want to email a photo but I get no option to reduce the size


Has anyone any advice to offer please? ( Other than 'get off to a pc course' - which I reallly must do)


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I went back to viewing the scanned docs through the scanner programme and found an option to email in them in pdf which automatically reduced them for me.

have done two, back to carry on now.

Thank you again.

Seriously I really am going to have to go to the local Cyber Centre and get clued up a bit....


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