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How do you find your expected Broadband Speed?

Chris W

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Since last year my broadband sync speed has halved to 608kpbs , it has always suffered from frequent disconnections so I am sure the fault is on the line.

Before I try to investigate the problem further I wanted to try to find out what speed I should be expecting, in the UK we have a few websites that allow us to enter our postcode and telephone number and this gives us an estimated speed from BT, do France Telecom have anything similar.

Thanks in advance

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Thats just what I wanted thank you.

Orange say we should be getting 3.7mbs which from what I can work out is the maximum we can expect, we are actually getting 0.6mbs (608 kbps) does anyone have any idea where we can make a start on trying to get the speed issue resolved.

For your information We have a Netgear DG834G router, only have 1 telephone socket in the property.

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