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Your help needed (again) please!


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this one?

[quote user="cooperlola"]

[quote user="AnOther"]Still a bit surprised to see the domain name let go, they cost very little.

[/quote]Obviously,  I was not clear enough in my first post.  The  IT guy has left us, I cannot contact him, thus I do not even know how I would start to do any of this, even if I could afford the time and costs involved.  When I'm fitter and have time to devote to such things, then I may revive some of the better info' using the tips above, edit it etc and set the stuff up again but at the mo' that is just not on, no matter how much I'd like to!

Whilst it would be great just to get it up and running, even if I could and even with the kind help offered by you and others, it still would need a consensus of several people (probably including some of the other founders if I could get hold of any of them and persuade them to give up their time) to verify and update the material on the site. since the regulations and the way they are being implemented (see, for insance, Keni's recent experiences posted on a new year thread) have changed somewhat since the site was last updated.


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