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I have no idea what what I want is really called so I have been unable to do a search and apologise for the title of this thread. Basically what I would like to be able to do is hover the cursor over a post and see a little bit of the text come up for a while so I can see if I want to actually click on it. I can do this on other forums but despite looking everywhere I can think of on the site I seem unable to facilitate this. Is there a way I am overlooking?
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[quote user="Sunday Driver"]

Go to the top of the screen where it says Welcome back CherryB and click on your name to bring up your user profile settings.

Scroll down to Enable Post Mouse-Over Popup and select Yes.

Save changes.



Thank you, have done that now and it works!

I was logged in but about the only place I hadn't thought to look at was my name... never even knew I had user profile settings so most appreciative.

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