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As RH has mentioned I am also still experiencing problems and some of them are annoying whilst others I can live with for the moment but I still expect them to be fixed. Some of those that have been fixed I wish they left till last and fixed other, more annoying ones, first but I guess they went for the simple ones.

Can I say that nothing has happened to the forum software, it has not been changed only moved just in the same way as you might move something from one folder of your PC to another. My guess it there are some 'permissions' missing so that things like the top 'Post' button do not work. Personally I would have closed the forum for a few days, backed it up, reinstalled the forum software from scratch to the new locations then restored the data (posts etc) in to the newly loaded forum software, but then thats me.

The other problems like page and print size are really to do with the fact that forum is now within a frame which is placed over the standard background picture for the whole of the website and in doing so it has 're-sized' it. The reason for doing this is as already given in that it accommodates different screen size formats.

Because the picture is on the master page for the website if you remove it then its removed from all the pages on the website and not just the forum. That does not mean you can't get ride of the background photo for just the forum but then it's not a simple job which would take just a minute or two. The page would have to be constructed separately with the headers and footers put in manually which is all time consuming, probably a one or two day exercise and more than likely Archant don't have the time or resources at the moment.

That's not say it's all doom and gloom and some progress has been made but there is still a way to go. Some things I fear will not change like the background picture which I think will be here to stay and is something you either have to live with or find a way round it like some have already done. As the saying goes "you can please some of the folks some of the time but not all of the folks all of the time".

For those of us that have been around the forum a long time (11 years in my case and others even longer) we can remember when it was a privately run forum and not part of a media group. It was run by just one person and was a lot of work and of course the cost of hosting it came out of that persons pocket. If it were not for Archant quite frankly it would not have survived so I guess that in some ways we have to be grateful to them. This is what happens to all these types of forum, they start of with just one person, get s big they can't cope and end up being taken over by a media company. The exact same has happened to Total France.

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I do so hope the above 4 posts reach the desk of whoever is responsible for this mess.

Simply on the issue of the inability to log on using Opera is beyond comprehension, and something I raised many pages ago if I recall.

What would be interesting to know is just how much interest has been shown in the forum since the software upgrade.

Has the membership increased?

Have the number of posts increased?

I may not have 20/20 vision but I fail to see why I should take the advice of your technical boffins and increase the visible area of the screen in order to eradicate the background foliage image. I don't need to do it on any other site, so why here?

Being involved with another forum (non-France related) which is also going through the early stages of an update, has taught me one thing. The upgrade will not now take place as planned until every possible scenario has been explored which would prevent a smooth changeover, and the Beta testing will be extended.

Sorry, but this site is becoming an ideal example of "How not to do it"!


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For a change I am on the tower with a wide screen monitor made by Acer.

The arrangement of the forum page is very good with minimal clutter.

I particularly like tha alternative background colour to the posts, one a light duck egg green and the other a very light yellowish distemper.

A real pleasure to read and post on the site.

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[quote user="602"] But all of us can change the magnification of the browser at the click of a mouse. Being an old git I run my browser at 110% all the time, saves on the eyes


Since we started using Firefox, I no longer seem to have this facility - or can somebody put me right on where to find this ; it used to sit along the top bar and could be changed at will. I rarely used it, and don't really see why we have to faff about like that. But I do want to continue with this forum, and an increase in size of font would help.

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[quote user="You can call me Betty"]Try Ctrl+ to increase the font size...or Ctrl- to make it smaller... I'm on FF and it works for me.


Oh dear - short term memory must be getting worse - somebody mentioned that the other day, and it had gone already! But I do find it much harder to remember than '110%' etc, which used to just sit there waiting for me! Thanks for the reminder; it might be needed in another couple of days!  [:D]

I've even forgotten not to use the top 'post' button again!

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I had given up the struggle to be able to log on ever again, and was resigned to being locked out since the change. But today,   lo and behold, I am totally reinstated, this is MAGIC!!! OK, I have missed the first 35 pages of this thread, and probably many of the technical hitches - but now, the forum looks absolutely fine to me, great for legibility, right format, it all seems to work well. Chapeau to all those who have made it possible.[:D]
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