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At first i thought it was senility, then that I was using the post button that doesnt work but now I am sure that several if not most of the postings that I have made since returning to the forum have gone astray or been deleted.

The last one was this morning, a reply to the water pressure thread, I wrote my posting, clicked on the bottom "post" button (please either fix or remove the other one) and waited until i was returned to the thread where I read my posting and not in my imagination, a couple of hours later and there is no sign of it at all, I know that it was there.

Altogether probably about 4 or 5 have gone astray, maybe one or even two due the that stupid non functioning post button but after this morning I think  maybe they all have been deleted, none of them were contenscious.

Could you actually do any more to discourage people from using the forum than you have recently?

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Well it is only 'my' bottom post button that works, apparently, and it seems you could train a monkey to use the bottom one more quickly than I am getting the hang of it.......... and I too thought senility....... for me, obviously, not you.[:D]

Still in spite of that, it feels like I have had a few missing posts too. I'll really try and pay more attention from now on.

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