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Sweet17: Chrome & Forum access


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Apologies, off topic. But I see Clair is here and I need to speak to Clair. Clair, I have just had to use Chrome to access my account instead of my usual Internet Explorer where my log in attempts have entirely failed. Chrome's fine except the print is "thin" and the message box is trop petite! I know you are busy but, over the next few days, could you please have a look at my problem and enable me to log in, STP?

Edit:  even more apologies.  But, since er....tutting and clicking my tongue, the Forum has decided that I am to be allowed back in, using whichever browser I choose.

Please excuse the interrruptions.....

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This reply comes via Chrome.

I had no problem logging in, but it's always been the case that this old forum software is not compatible with newer browsers like Chrome.

There are no icons and no formatting aids like bold, italic or underline.

The reply box is tiny, although you can enlarge it by dragging its lower right corner.

There is no option to create a link, although you can if you know basic HTML code as per the example below after replacing u r l with url:

[u r l= copy & paste link here] type page name here [/url]
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Thank you, Clair.  I think it was just a temporary blip as it seems to be working fine now.  It's kind of you to take the trouble to check for me as you, like most of us here, must be up to your eyes in "preparations".

Still, I suppose Christmas just wouldn't be the same without some degree of last minute panic?[:)]

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Well, not long said "joyeux noël" to nos vosines très adorable after an apéro here.  Actually, this was one of 4 drink-ups.  In our nice little house, we nonetheless no longer have a grand séjour to accommodate everybody simultaneously.

Been to midnight mass which was held at 5 pm because the priest is shared with many other parishes!

Clair, what is that charming story that Daudet tells of the priest who had to say 3 masses before the reveillon and he was thinking about the food and was saying the masses more and more quickly?

It is an amusing story but I can't remember what it's called?

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