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I have just managed to sign back in after being told that my e-mail was not recognised? I now have the randonly generated password and when I try to go into my settings to change it neither the 'Settings' or the 'Jonzjob' buttons work?

Any ideas please, so I can change my password to one that I can remember [8-)]

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I've been trying to post a link to your forum profile, but it's not working out... [8-)]

I can click on my name (next to Edit Your Details, top right) and it takes me to my profile.

Could there be a setting on your browser stopping the link from working?

If you send PM me your chosen password, I'll reset it for you (then erase it from my memory [:D])

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Hi again Clair, I had forgotten about this post with everything else happening around me [:-))]

You mentioned about browser settings? I am using Firefox and I have no idea what the settings may be that would block me using the 'Settings' option?

Any ideas would be appreciated as I have been asked to change my passwords because of a security breach on another forum..

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I must have accessed my profile fairly, because I have only wanted to be a glow worm for a short-ish time now [:-))]

The link did work and password is changed ta, and I think I managed it before the year ended [8-)]

I have also tried yet again to access the settings, but no luck. This is the only forum I have any difficulties like this [8-)]

By the time I catch up with this technology it will have moved on me-thinks?

Ta again Clair [kiss]

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