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E_mails from forum members.


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This has happened several times, somone contacts me with the E-mail function not a PM and it says that replies will be sent to their E-mail address but all it does is bounce if I reply to the mail which is an Archant do not reply address.

To pickles who i took the time to reply to in vain, I bought sealed units from the UK not whole Windows, if you want more info better to PM me.

To the mods, what is wrong with either the E-mail function, the instructions of how to reply or my understanding?

And whilst I'm moaning this forum has so many defunct and unused sections for one with so little activity, scrolling down to find the right section to post in takes ages and it seems that the ones that are relevant and used are right at the bottom

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I've sussed it!

dont click on reply, it will bounce, look carefully amogst all the gobbledeygook of the message header and you will see the senders E-mail address to reply to, you then need to cut and paste, a crock of you know what thats probably been there since the last new and improved user experience forum upgrade.

I have just discovered loads of PM's on another forum that has somehow decided to no longer notify me.

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