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Is the Forum PM system working?


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[quote user="NormanH"]I can answer ...if I know that a pm has been sent...but not send a new one.

Of course if I don't remember to check I don't even know that one has been sent..


Did you receive my PM sent on 24th April?
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[quote user="Loiseau"]How do I find my PMs?

I want to refer back to one I received a few weeks ago and can see no way to access them.[/quote]

On the forum Home Page, "France Forum", click on "Private Messages" under the "Forum Groups" banner, near the top. (Make sure you are logged in)

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Nomoss, I think a load of stuff is missing at the top of my screen, as you can see here:


Possibly because I have a rather old browser. I just get that spinning spiky thing all the time; nothing ever seems to fill that empty space at the top of the page.

I managed to get round my immediate problem, because I remembered I had received an automated email from the forum to tell me about the pm, so I reached the message through that.

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