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Hi everyone,

It seems a shame that everyone's profiles dissappeared with the old forum - please would you all think about filling them in - It was nice to know something about posters and where people are posting from.


Editor's note!!

hey admin,  how come my number of posts has stayed at 25 - bad enough that I lost them all with the forum change - but now they've stopped growing on this forum too!!!!

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Yes, I fully support your request, and subject to the idoicincracies of this new set up, I think you will find that I bare all (or most) in my profile. Whilst I can understand that people may prefer a certain amount of anonimity and to be unspecific about where they are, I think that at least a male/female indication would be useful at a minimum. Also, I feel it would be nice to know peoples position in relation to France - for example you (Val 99 and 24) are specific and I am also specific (99) but I may add "but dreaming" to my signature. I sometimes feel that there have been misundersandings due to members not knowing some basic information about other members, and therefore, I do think it would be worthwhile adding a little more. We need not be specific about names, nor exact places where we live. Many people have been quite open about various matters on the forum but haven't bothered to put that information in their profiles. This is fine for those who visit the forum regularly, but for those who are either new or attend les often, more information would be helpful.
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Well I tried but I can't find a way to get into my profile to replace the lost info.

Will someone give me a clue? I've tried clicking on Control Panel but nothing happens.

By the way my name is Patrick and I live in Pas de Calais (62)

A family of Belgians were going on holiday to GB, but a few hours after leaving home they returned with puzzled looks on their faces. "We were booked from Calais to Dover" they explained, "but the sign at the roadside said 'pas de Calais' so we came back"

Apologies to any Belgian readers
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[quote]Ha Ha Opas, very funny - or are you trying to tell me that you never say anything at all! And I thought that at least 50% of your postings made sense!!!!! edit: oops - first tim...[/quote]

"And I thought that at least 50% of your postings made sense!!!!!"


What do you mean by 50%?????


Actually they were probably Mr O!! (after the van en vrac!)

and there we were thinking that Mrs O had such a hard life!


Jo & Terry

(we're in heaven - when we're in 11!)


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Entre nous - we're in 62!

I've managed to update my profile. Had to use to my laptop running Windows ME to get access to the Control Panel. Can't get in from my office machine.

This is a problem that still doesn't seem to have been explained by the people who run the system.

I'm now looking for a picture of George Clooney to put in as my avatar. I'm casting him to play me in the film biography I'm sure Hollywood will make one day.
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