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How to be a self-employed builder in france?

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Hi, We are looking into moving to France and I would like any information on being self employed in France?  My husband is a builder/fencer in England and we are hoping that maybe he would be able to work for an artisan on a self-employed basis any information would be much appreciated as I know that it is allegal to work without this?


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Look through the section entitled 'earning a living in France' where you will find loads of information, probably too much to take in at one go.

It will seem as if being self employed in France is very difficult - I am, though not in building, and I don't find it too bad though it's certainly far from easy. The better French you speak the easier it is to sort things out. I do think, though, that it's as well to be aware of these potential problems, the charges you will have to pay, etc before you make a final decision.

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