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Bonjour from a newbie to the forum

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Hi Dilbert, and the rest of you wise people.

We're in a very similar position, but the place we're buying has 2 operational gites at the 'mo, and 3 B&B rooms, which will be converted into a 2-bedroom gite as soon as we get possession of the property. We also have a very small campsite for caravans attached. Not to mantion an acre field to the rear of the property, with a river bordering 2 sides. Having looked at every angle, and produced a business plan (in French & English) for our potential mortgage lender, we believe we have a sound case for operating a fairly good business. I am however racked with doubts from the moment I wake, 'till the moment I close my eyes and drift off to sleep (and dream of France, usually!). Is this normal?

Anyway, we aim to succeed (doesn't everybody?), and we truly believe we can. I think as long as you're willing to work hard (we are), integrate (we do/we will), and research your markets (we have), the rest is up to fate!

Bon courage Dilbert.


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