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Is it time to quit

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I don't buy much ready made or processed food and never have. But you have now brought up something else that I really like on the odd occassion and that is Capitaine Igloo Fish Fingers, think that they are made with lieu or colin. I like them with my own mashed potatoe and cooked beetroot.

A friend of mine always serves beetroot raw, she didn't know you could cook it. I don't think it has as much flavour raw.

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[quote]I bet she looked as though she had massacred someone by the time she'd finished! BTW I think its brilliant the way these topics digress.[/quote]

Poor Steve!

He'll be wondering if we are taking him seriously...

I wonder too if he has found a happy medium to stay in Frogland with his partner, his dog, the chicken and goat ... la basse-cour quoi!

Probably learnt to use a chainsaw and getting 'un petit peu de muscles' with all the wood he needs to chop down at the bottom of his garden/property.

Maybe he is busy in his garden with his tomato crop to try out the delicious home-made Heinz recipe earlier on in this thread or tending to the beetroots!...

So much to do! Certainly not enough time to sit around and wait for better things to come along!

Those better things managed to miss the ferry and got lost on the way to his place!!!!!!.........
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I became somewhat addicted to Heinz cream of tomato soup and every now and gain I will need a fix !

Me too, often.  But I don't think of it as tomato soup, which any idiot in possession of some tomatoes can rustle up.  The Heinz cream variety is so sublime it's more akin to, um what, dare I suggest sex in a can?  M

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great, so Im not a complete heathen then, will still try tartar sauce though,. fish is good for you and tomatos are good for you, so fish finger sandwich with tomato sauce is all thats required,,,,,,     
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And cooked tomatoes are EVEN BETTER for you.   It's true!!  Cooking tomatoes loses vitamin C, but hugely increases other beneficial compounds.

Here's a randomly-chosen article about it, which ends with the observation "A timely piece of research, given the recent decision by the British Dietetic Association to endorse canned foods from Heinz as contributing towards the healthy eating target of five fruits of vegetables a day."


You see, there's always a silver lining, if you know where to look. 


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[quote]What I want to know is where that young stevecentralfrance has disappeared to! 65 replies is pretty impressive, after all, and nobody's even mentioned Tony Blair yet - oops! Is this a record?[/quote]

He got fright with all of us telling him off for feeling sorry for himself....

He is in his garden hiding from the neighbours, tending his chicken and goats, walking his dog, chopping down his trees at the bottom of his garden, seeing to his tomatoes hoping to have a fair crop for a Heinz taste-alike recipe which he can serve to his partner home after a hard day's work, making new friends?...

Possibly so busy that he doesn't have time any more for Internet bavardage et badinage with all of us!! Who knows?...

Oh about Tomatoes !!

Pourquoi les tomates sont rouges?

Scratch the few brain cells you haven't yet cooked in this canicule...

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