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Vide Grenier - Boot Sales

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Best thing to do is to pick up a small book, available where newspapers and magazines are sold, called 'Calendrier des Brocantes' which lists those in the area (well, 50, 14 and 61) for the year. It might only be available at the beginning of the year. I don't know if there's an equivalent covering 35 and 53.
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Hi Annabell,
Do you fancy a longer drive up to 22, as there's a very big flea market in Lanvollon on Sunday. 850+ stalls! It's excellent & we've never completed it yet. In fact, they have 2 a year June & July/August.

There is, according to the Calendrier des Brocantes Brittany version, one in 35 at Saint Benoit des Ondes(near Cancale/St Malo), 200 stalls on Saturday, Sunday & Monday. 

Or as someone has suggested, try & get the book Calendrier des Brocantes or books in your case.

Hope this helps



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