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French Fun Runners


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I posted in the sports section but got no replies. So ... one last try.

My nephews want to run 15 K across the somme bay and back, La Transbaie. www.transbaie.com

A medical certificate is obligatory. What does it need to say? My nephews doctor sent him to a well man clinic but thats no good ...is it?

Health and safety gone mad. I assume the doctor doesn't want to write a letter saying he's fit to run 15K in case my nephew collapses and dies and the doctor gets sued!


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We get asked for these quite often by the various teachers who give our

offspring lessons in gymnastics and sports. We just call our doctor

here and request one - he doesn't even charge for them. I think (and I

suppose upon reflection perhaps I should have read them more carefully)

that they just state that the doctor knows of no existing condition

that would prevent the individual taking part in the activity. They are

more to cover the organisers of an activity than to provide a route to

sue the doctor in the event of collapse.

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Yes, my kids have always had to get these to take part in out of school sports activities. Basically a checkup with the usual blood pressure, weight and height measurement etc, discussion about diet and any medication being taken and of course the stethescope listening to the heart and lungs. The certificate is then issued and stamped by the médcin on the spot and you pay the usual visit fee.
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Friends of ours eldest son is mad keen on rugby and on 1st team for

? Lycee, trials for Auch etc. Then they introduced medical, for insurance I suppose, and

they found some very slight bone damage so stopped him playing

altogether . He was " gutted" as they say - end of the world scenario.

But somehow they revised their opinion and now he can play again. Pat.

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Thanks for all your replies. I need to clarify the situation.

We are resident in the UK and my nephews are adults. My reference to the doctor is one here hence the point about the suing culture.

My brother suggested asking for a letter from the doctor to say you are fit to run 15K but this was refused and he was sent to the well man clinic.

They wanted £50.00 for a quick check-up and £10.00 extra for a blood pressure reading, and no certificate!

I was hoping some UK resident runners had run in France and would know what the medical certificate needed to say.



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