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For PMs the same rules apply, - the only time they do not is when you have got to know someone well enough that you exchange email addresses and email off forum, and of course that is entirely private and nothing to do with us

Frankly in most cases PMs remain private, and are a good source of communication, but if an individual is rude, offensive or harasses another member using the PM system then the rules and regs come into play.

 However, Le Bouffon, before we take action we would have to see the offending PM.(sent to one of the mods - not on the forum)

I hope that makes it clear.

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Private messages are regarded as part of the forum. The only difference is that only the sender and recipient can see them - not even the admins. So the same rules apply. Anybody who sends offensive private messages will be treated in the same way as if they had said the same things in public on the forum, but we do need proof of what was said, and by whom, and we would want to know the other side of the story before deciding what action to take.

The code of conduct to which all forum users agree includes the words "This includes material sent via personal e-mails through this forum." That means that e-mails as well as PMs must comply with the code, though as Gay says, once an exchange of e-mails is carried out through individuals' e-mail addresses rather than through the forum we have no control over what is said.

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