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France overrun by les rosbifs?


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[quote user="SaligoBay"]

At least 86000 living on the street in France, i.e. literally on the street, not in hostels or night shelters.

At least 3 million "mal logés", but according to Médécins du Monde the figure of people in real difficulty with logements is probably 5 million.

A number of SDFs do have jobs, but find themselves not earning enough to rent anywhere but too much to get aide sociale to find lodgings.

There should be a docu on Canal+ tomorrow night by a journalist who spent a month as an SDF.   In brief, he says it's a very hard life, and not just because of the cold.  Lack of hygiene.  Loneliness.  Fatigue, because you never sleep properly because you always have to be ready to protect yourself.  Latent violence.  Gangs and groups form and re-form.  Any communality and mutual support is superficial, and au fond it's chacun pour soi.     


Did you see the documentary?  Shocking!  Like you said a lot of these people have jobs but don't earn enough to pay rent on a flat.  There is help (restaurant du coeur) serve regular meals and the over 45's are entitled to nightly accomodation (often flea infested!) but once you get sucked in to street life there's very little hope of getting back on track in the 'real world'.

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