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setting up an Association

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[quote user="Tony F Dordogne"]

Takes ages, lots of bureaucracy, all depends on support from your local mairie.

More questions searcher 30 ...............



You really shouldn't have told searcher that !!

Now he will be asking where he/she can find out about bureaucracy,

where the Mairie is and what support can he depend on. Oh and what

number bus, what time, what's the drivers name, how much, do they take

luncheon vouchers, why not, are dogs allowed in libraries, why not,

what is B.F short for, why............................[:D]

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I think we might have tried to do this once...the problem is that as

one gets older (40 this year - I'm sure that my pecs are starting to

droop), the memories get more clouded and the drinks just get weaker.

Or is that just me? Anyway, I do remember that it was all

dreadfully difficult and everyone wished we'd never started on it. Plus

we could only charge €15 per member so the thing was bankrupt before it

began. I can explain how to best organise a kermese if anyone is


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