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New Web Game – Sort Out the French Budget.

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Really, apparently the French budget minister is fed up with people moaning that taxes are too high so is launching a web game to allow people (limited numbers) to log-on and to set the countries “cyberbudgets” themselves.




If anybody find the site when it is launched do let me know (see if we Brits cannot sort out these issues [;-)]).



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Easy Peasey.


Two Steps.


Step One: (The Methodoise Thatcher/Howe/Lawson).


1.         Cancel a long running system (NIC graduated Benefits). Bring in a new system: ad valorem NIC. Increase the subscriptions. Reduce the benefits:


2.         Claim to be the party of low taxation. Increase taxation across the board:


3.         Encourage people to invest: ramp-up Capital Gains Tax to 40% when they make any profit:


4.         Sell off the family silver:


5.         Steal public assets such as water and sell them off to the French:


6.         Encourage both husbands and wives to work full time: receive double income tax and NIC, but only pay out single pensions!


7.         Retire as a Baroness.


8.         Earn fortunes as an after dinner speaker, addressing idiots with more money than brains.



Step Two: (The Methodoise Blair/Brown)



1.         Learn from the predecessor:


2.         Claim to reduce taxation: Increase it by stealth taxes:


3.         Cancel useful tax concessions such as ACT on pension funds:


4.         Blame your predecessor when pension funds collapse:


5.         Talk big about “Improvements” and the multi-billions of fresh money you are injecting into health, education and policing:


6.         Invest the money elsewhere: such as spin doctors, special advisers and totally useless IT projects, Millennium Mushrooms:


7.         Keep tinkering with the budget and keep raising taxes:


8.         Let murderers out to roam the streets. Lose them so you don’t have to bang them up, again, thus saving even more money.


9.         Instead of teachers, nurses and police, bring in Hospital Care Assistants, Teachers Aids and Street Wardens, thus appearing to deliver on promises on the cheap:


10.    Screw public sector workers: claim things have never been so good!


11.    Hand over to your Chancellor, so he takes the blame:


12.    Become a Euro Commissar and earn £500,000 P.A.


13.    Learn from your predecessor and make your wife one too!


Budget balanced and in surplus: if you count like Gordon "one Eye" Brown.


I can just the see the French accepting this! Anyone for a riot?




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