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Drink the pub dry?


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Now I have nothing against people having a good time, and applaud the principle of British-owned businesses in France - particularly bars and restaurants.

But I saw this on another forum for English-speakers in France and felt rather uneasy.

This Weekend Come on Down and Drink The Pub Dry at XXXXX

Stella Artois 1euro = demi Spirits 2 euros

BBQ food Weather permitting

We're changing supplier and beers.

Coming Soon

Newcastle Brown Ale Beamish Red Kronenburg Guinness

Looking forward to a great weekend

I have never been to the place concerned, so have no reason to suppose it is anything other than well run by people who are totally at one with the local French community. But somehow it seems inevitable that, even if all goes off with no problems at all, it will only reinforce a stereotyped view of the British abroad.

Of course, if you want to know where it is, just PM me. [:D] [B]

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[quote user="Blanche Neige"]

Please let me know where it is .................so that I can avoid it!


It's near Villedieu-les-Poeles (50) if anybody wants to either avoid it or take part in draining the barrels.

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