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my first ever poison pen......

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I have removed the thread and spoke to the original poster as to the reason why. If anyone receives abusive emails you need to contact your ISP and let them know so they can deal with it. Also if someone is accused of sending the email and they didn't, a libel case can ensue.



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James made absolutely the right decision. The poor chap must be feeling likes he's treading on hot coals here sometimes! I didn't think that the post would have degenerated the way it did though. I hope the chill pills have worked and tonights nocturnal activities are more relaxing.

By the way Dick, don't ever use one of those chainsaws on a disc, they are totally lethal and should not be on the market (without getting too anoraky about the subject) . If you have one, put it in the bin as soon as you can.



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