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Re: Thatsfrance (or so they say)

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[quote user="KatieKopyKat"]

No I am not going to watch them saddos.  I would rather be with you.

Miki what's WUSE babe?


Dunno, heard the kids say it on Hollyoaks or was it Neighbours ? No it

was Eastenders I fink, they say Woose or woosh or wuse, sounds good as

well ! They really should have subtitles on the soaps, to let us

Franglos keep up with modern English [;-)]

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 Dont think he wants to answer Miki.  Or maybe he is thinking about it.  Eeeeeek [/quote]

He kind of looks almost human when he does that, is he giggling, or is

he embarrassed ? Or is he counting to fifty whilst Dick goes and hides?
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[quote user="Russethouse"]No KKK, its not for any individual - just a general request. There was a long thread about the 'other place' when everyone thought they had shut down, but now they are back the situation is different.[/quote]

Hey! Is this all my fault? I'm really proud, at last, I feel that I am achieving something.

At least I know (thanks to a not-so-anonymous tip) who you are. OK, so I knew already, but it was nice to have it confirmed...

Can I restart my thread about idiots on AnotsoIntelligentplace?

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Nah, ain't no-one on here in danger of possessing too much knowledge!  [:D]

Apart from Dick, of course, and you can see how dangerous he is.   If he gets really annoyed with us, he posts pictures of cute kittens.   It's scary.   And on the internet, no-one hears you scream.  

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In Dick's absence I shall have to step into the breach.  Here is  French kitten.


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