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France-How to avoid the Brits

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[quote user="TheWalkingDude"]Well spotted... Yes I did... Rondolf flag was taken.....[/quote]

Randolph, not Rondolph. Either way, choosing a user name based on an (admittedly fictional) devil incarnate seems a bit odd to me.

I get anti-heros, but however you explain it, I won't be stopping off your way.[6]

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I apologise for my typographical error caused you offence.

Of course, as you know, his name was neither Randolph nor Rondalph, it was in fact Randall Flagg.

Regardless of spelling we both identified the correct character in the book so I suppose that is what is important, rather than either one of us showing how pedantic we can be.

I apologies also for the offence you have taken to the fact that I have based my user name (here) on this character.

I did this because the Hotmail address I have was originally used when I was a member of a discussion forum on SK books…. All members had character names…. I figure to have the same address and user name made sense.

I choose the name because in the book the character is the most significant, it also happens to be a very good book in which good triumphs over evil.

I assure you I do not have any ‘hero’ issues, anti or otherwise, with the ‘dark one’ in point of fact I don’t believe he (or she) exists.

Although having said that it was not he (or she) who visited plague and pestilence upon millions ‘of his children’ nor was it he who killed the first born of every household of an entire nation… That was the ‘enlightened one’… Mmmmm….. nice guy.

Perhaps we should all remember that one man’s (or bird’s) religion is another’s poison and what is sacred to one may be mumbo-jumbo to others.

I did try ‘Flashman’ as a name but that was taken… Now he is my hero. You will be familiar with George Macdonald Fraser and Thomas Hughes. (Yes I know Flashy is also fictional).

Does ‘I won’t be stopping off you way’ mean you will not be talking to me on this forum? I have inferred that from the phrase that this is what you meant.

All the best and thank you again for pointing out how one must spell Randolph, your help says allot about you and how kind you are.


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I'm sorry I've offended you.

I'm really not pedantic about spelling, or much else really. I'd have a bit of a nerve to be, as you've demonstrated.

"Does ‘I won’t be stopping off you way’ mean you will not be talking to me on this forum? I have inferred that from the phrase that this is what you meant"

No!  In any case, It was meant to be light hearted. I normally would have stuck a smiley in there, but it was late. [:$]




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That's a relief... I thought you might be a Nun or something. (Don't be offended)... or a vicar....

This site is new to me so sorry if I got the wrong impression... I am learning that the way i write is often seen by others as nasty or derizzeourarary.. In fact I just have a sense of hewmore.

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TheWalkingDude - Nice to have a new voice on the forum.

Regarding collaboration, I have huge admiration for those in the resistance who risked their all. The temptation to go with the flow must have been immense. I only hope that I, in the same situation would have had some of their courage, especially at the times when the occupiers looked set to last their 1,000 years.

Regarding French military prowess in the middle ages - they did win the 100 year war. Regarding Napoleon and the revolutionary wars, they had 15 pretty good years even if these ended with Waterloo.
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