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Dover stopover recommendations

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(Not sure which forum to post this in - this is not strictly a question about France, but I'm sure there must be some members of this forum who may some suggestions).

I have an American family coming to stay at our gite in July. They're American but living in Loughborough for a year. They recently emailed me about their travel plans and included the following:

We will likely stay over in Dover to see the sights there as we have not
done that yet.  Do you have any recommendations of where to stay for a
night in Dover to see sights and not be too far from the ferries?

I don't really know what to suggest to them.  I have never stopped in Dover - I don't know whether it has any sights worth recommending! (Apologies to anyone who lives in Dover if I am being disparaging towards your town, but from the main road into the ferry port it does look a little drab and unappealing!)

Does anyone have any suggestions, either in Dover or in a nearby town/village?

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   Not in Dover but if they are travelling by car, the Travelodge at Ashford (about 20 mins drive and possibly on-route) might fit the bill.

Ashford Travelodge

  We've used it and find it convenient, just off the motorway but not noisy. Travelodge have tried to go a bit up-market in recent years so this is more like a hotel rather than the old single/two storey buildings tacked onto a Little Chef.

And if you plan ahead, it's possible to get good rates (we paid £26)

Of course, they could always consider a stopover in Canterbury.

Hope it helps



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The town centre is a little grim but the castle is well worth a visit. I believe you can actually stay in the castle grounds now which might be quite appealing for your guests. Its the Seargeant Majors house and English Heritage are in charge. I've no idea of costs but lots of history and wonderful views.


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I also live near Loughborough and find the journey to Dover to be a drag. Do warn them that wherever they stay there may well be traffic jams for the last leg to the ferry, possibly 20 mins worth.

If they are truly relaxed in their timings the best bits of Kent (IMHO) are the Cinque Ports like Sandwich, and Ritchborough Castle which is quite special I think.




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>>>Of course, they could always consider a stopover in Canterbury<<<

Canterbury is well worth a stop before boarding at Dover.

The whole city is more or less pedestrianised and very compact to go around it. The Cathedral is an impressive building to wander around in. Also of course 'The Canterbury Tales' experience.

They can stay at 'The Miller's Arms' pub/restaurant/rooms. I often stay there when visiting my daughter at University in the town (google search should find the telNo which I don't have right now under my hand, sorry!)

Ashford ... of use only for the Eurostar...

Dover Castle, Whistable, Margate, Hythe, Deal....

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