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Mail targetting expats?


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I received through the post a copy of a Brittany magazine aimed at expats. It was free and a pleasant read but I am at a loss to know how they found me.

The only Brits I know in France are in cyber space and I have never subscribed to this mag, yet it came addressed to me.

I was used to getting unsolicited mail in the UK and don't mind getting it in France, but I don't know how they found me, short of trawling the phone book for foriegn names!

Am I on an ethnic register somewhere?[8-)]


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I had an email today from somebody who was connected with a magazine on Brittany, asking if I would list it on my website. Sounds a bit like Beryl's people - they must be on a publicity drive!   I had a look at their website, and thought the mag looked quite interesting - especially if you are Brittany-based (which I am not).  So I think it may be a bit unfair to call it a scam. 
Unless anyone knows otherwise...


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