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What is it like returning to the UK ?


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Having lived in France for a few years, and half and half for a few, we are looking to move back to England permanently.  France was a dream come true and we had a ball for the first 4 years.  Then children have problems, or provide you with grandchildren and your heart is torn apart.  I know France isn't far to travel, but it's missing their development.  When I come back to England for the winter my biggest joy is going shopping - chatting to people in the shops, the girls at the checkout without having to think of the language.  Travelling on public transport - eating fish and chips looking out to sea.  In spite of having a carte sejour and joining the french health system, I'm English, and like another respondent - bored stiff in France now.  You can only take so much of sitting around a pool drinking wine!
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And that is why holidays are special. It isn't something that I would do every day or want to.

There is a bloke in the NE of England who won the lottery, he won millions, (true story incidentally). He travelled the world and did as he pleased and found he was bored. The spark had gone. He said that when he used to work, he worked hard and look forward to his holidays and really enjoyed them when they eventually came. So, he went back to work, joinery or some such thing and he now enjoys his travelling time again.



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