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Ebayers Help!


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I'm having trouble logging back into ebay after my computer crashed , but have no problems with other websites when I try it finds ebay home page but when I try to log in it comes up cannot find server even if I try to register as a new member it won't let me in,

I've Tried:-

  • deleting all cookies

  • rebooting both my laptop and wireless router

  • deleting all tempory internet files

  • disc defragmenting

  • emailling ebay[:(]no answer yet, according to the site I've won't have had my account suspended as they let you log in and then tell you your suspended and I can't even get that far)

my user id is abigailt123 could someone try and send me an email via ebay to see if the emails will arrive in my outlook box as well, I have a shop on ebay and I've no idea if anyone has ordered anything yet and I'm am starting to panic![:-))]

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Thanks Fulcrum, I got the email via ebay so at least that is now working and I'm now getting watched item ending notices but still no joy at trying to log on, I'm of to France in the morning so I'll just have to hope its working when I get back,[blink]
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