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Returning from India & been badly let down!

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[:)]Hello friends and voisins!


I've lived in France twice before. Once in the 80's and then again in early 2004 for a few months when trying to buy a property.  I've been living more or less permanently in India for 7 years caring for kids no one else wants, in our home, and feeding street kids too. I have one special "son" called Tony who is severley handicapped and whom I've known since 1999. He lives with me. It has always been my wish to come back again to France permanently and we had planned to do this in October. BUT an Agence Immobilier let us down badly and our little dream chalet in Indre seems to have dissappeared. Now so, I am again looking for a small property really anywhere in France(though I would have loved to have been near Issoudun) for my "son" and I. We were very blessed to have found the little chalet, as it was a "ready-to-move-into" property at a snip at 19000 euros. It was on 2200m2 wooded land but had no electricity (generator). It looked like something out of a fairy tale which we fell in love with at once.  I doubt we can find another like it - though I'm spending every spare minute searching.

Working for nothing for many years will never give me a fortune to spend on a house for us, but I guess even though the little chalet was a one in a million chance, that please God we will find another! Anger still has a bit of a hold on me as far as the Agence Immobilier is concerned, but I can't let it eat me up and have to let it go - returning to the present and the need to find somewhere before I pop over in October to view.

Nice to find this forum - and you all seem like nice people - let hope we can be friends and maybe, who knows, even neighbours one day soon!


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I'm sorry to hear that you lost your dream property, and I hope that you find another. I think you may have to check out whether you can live full-time in a chlet type property; I seem to remember that one of the posters (HWH) on this site or totalfrance had to stave off gendarmes who had come to evict her from her chalet but I can't remember why.

Anyway, why don't you rent long term. Renting in France is normal , rents are relatively cheap out in the sticks, and tenants have much more security of tenure than in the UK. You sign a three year rental agreement, but I know folks who expect to rent the same place for a lifetime. You may also find a dream place which is much more comfortable (has electricity and heating) as most parts of France get extremely cold in the winter.

Good luck..........have a look on www.bluehomes.com or www.seloger.fr (or maybe .com) under "louer" to get some idea of what's available in different Departments. Trawl round the agences immobilier when you come over or look at petite announces in shops.
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How nice of you to write these things!  The little chalet was/is an A frame type house that a French couple had been (might still be) living in for years - I didn't think of classing as a holiday home or something like that and therefore making illegal (or whatever) to live there all year round.  A friend was going to come and do DIY and add a room downstairs for my son and stuff...had it all planned.

Renting is ok, but I wanted something that would be ours totally (and not give away dead money to someone else ever again) - and Tony's after my death. We have rented of course here in India for years but rents really ARE cheap here (i.e. 7 room house + bathroom + loo + kitchen and large garden up til a month ago when we moved house, was 1500 rupees a month which is about 30 Euro!!) we wanted somewhere where if we messed up the paintwork, or  wanted to put his posters up on the wall that I wouldnt have to worry about it - knowing the landlord would make us paint it all or take the money from the advance deposit. At 55 I've never had a home of my own and would really love one now, especially for my son.  Can you understand that? I so want a feeling of a real home for us and roots an all- just to be able to touch the walls outside and say for the first time ever - this really is ours!

I got an Internet connection just yesterday at home (dial-up) whilst waiting for broadband (waiting list of a month) and havent stopped looking yet -burning the midnight oil and stuff....I'd like to be able to find a few places to look at when I pop over in October. Got to go to Delhi before that and Kolkata before too, but hopefully I'll be in France by the end of October latest.


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Hello again Maureen - sorry, I didn't mean to offend you by suggesting renting. I just thought that nowadays there's hardly anything for the cost of your lost dream and renting is a good alternative here if you can't find/afford anything suitable - even in the short-term. French friends have been renting here for donkey's years and treat the place entirely as their own - pets, decorating, installing extra power sockets, etc etc.

Anyway, have a look at those sites (and there are plenty more) for property for sale (if necessary click on biens a vendre). Or do a google search for agence immobiliers for the area you wish to move to.

Very good luck with your travels and move etc.

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Friend! You didnt offend me for one minute! Actually found another couple of little places this afternoon - one is a stones thrtow from the Spanish border in South Perignon region - cant remember where the other is right now (getting old...memory and all that!) butwill wait and see.

I believed renting was astronomically priced - and the problem is also that whenI comein October I wont have time to do much but look at a couple or ten places, as I'm visa hunting too and will probably have to stop off in the nearest City that has an Indian Embassy - I never want to be away fromTony for very long, he's my life (cant afford the b & b prices for long anyways eh!!)

p.s. how on earth do I PM someone here - cant find the place to do it on the profile thingy - or perhaps you gotta be a member for a while before you gits that eh?

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