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Is the use of Joint selling agents acceptable in France

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I have a very good rental agent for a property that I own in France and now wish to sell. A colleague used a different selling agent for his property in same area and was very impressed with their service. Hence I would like to use both and give them both a shot at selling property as is the norm in the UK. I do not want to cause offence and hence the question is it the norm in France to appoint joint agents or is it a no no.

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No, provided you have found the buyer yourself and the buyer have had no dealings with the agent and did not come to you via the agent (for example, speaking to the agent by phone, etc)

When you sign you mandat (giving the agent authority to sell your property), make sure you do not give them an exclusive mandat.  These do exist in France but they are not as common as exclusive agency in the UK.

Sometimes, there is a period of, say, 6 months when any sale will result in a fee to the agent.  Therefore, be very specific, when you sign that you want the right to market your property alongside the agent.


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You'll often see the same property in several estate agents' windows; if you go to see a property via one of them you have to sign a form proving they introduced you in case of a sale. Putting a property with several agents is normal, and we've experience of it ourselves in the Drome and the Gard.
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